March 15, 2011
15/03/2011 Man. Utd. Comment

Man. Utd. 2 Arsenal 0

We did it again. We comfortably outplayed Man. Utd. and managed to lose the game. Even with Diaby and Denilson playing with a fairly typical lack of urgency, we managed to outplay Man. Utd. So much so that VDS was voted man of the match. This time there were no refereeing blunders (apart from the miracle that was Paul Scholes managing to stay on the pitch until the final whistle) who received one yellow card, and should have received 2 more during his cameo hack session. This result hurts, but I can accept losing games like this occasionally. We had nobody to blame but ourselves for this defeat. We couldn't put the ball in the net. On its own this would not be a problem, but we also managed to concede 2 goals, the second of which can be classified as a howler. Oh, DJ will be out for the season.

March 9, 2011
09/03/2011 Barcelona Comment

Barcelona 3 Arsenal 1

Same as last year. Critical injuries to key players. A referee who fell for Barcelona's cheating (Messi and Alves regularly impersonating shovels), and just when it looked like we might get a result, why not send off RVP for good measure. It would be funny if it weren't true. When are the football authorities going to do something about this? It has been going on for too long. We get it in both the Premier League and in the Champion's League.

March 1, 2011
01/03/2011 Birmingham City Comment

Arsenal 1 Birmingham City 2

After the euphoria of the Barcelona game, we were treated to an insipid performance by most of our players. Apart from Arshavin and Wilshere, the players did not look particularly interested. I would not have known that this was a cup final based on the effort and commitment displayed by our team on Sunday. I shall comment more later. I am still too upset at the moment. However, to listen to the pundits who all seemed to be of the opinion that the better team won, I wonder which game they were watching. Sure, Birmingham looked a little better than us in the first half, but although we were not at our best, during the second half, we were all over Birmingham like a rash. this is borne out by the match statistics, and why else would Ben Foster be voted man of the match. Szczesny had very little to do, so Foster must have been (and was) the busier of the two goalkeepers. Had Birmingham not scored their second goal when they did, The final score would have been 3-1 to the Arsenal.

Check your history. What happens after Arsenal lose League cup Finals?