September 20, 2011
20/09/2011 Blackburn Comment

Blackburn Rovers 4 Arsenal 3

We had most of the possession and most of the attempts on goal. Still we managed to lose this match against a team that wanted to win the game more than us, although they were aided by a referee who gave Blackburn an offside goal, a ridiculous free kick for a dive by Olsen. Had an Arsenal player done the same thing Sky would have instigated an FA inquiry that would have resulted in a 15 match ban. As it was a Blackburn player, it wasn't mentioned. I think one of the Blackburn goals came from a free-kick that should never have been awarded. At least Arsenal looked like they can score goals again, although with that many chances, we should have scored at least 6 goals. Two own goals conceded makes me think that concentration is not being maintained, and I thought we backed off and did not press enough. The midfield looked rather weak in the second half. Not sure why Song was brought off. Apart from the own-goal, he looked pretty good. 

September 17, 2011
17/09/2011 Dortmund Comment

Borussia Dortmund 1 Arsenal 1

 I wasn't confident going into this match either. First half-hour was difficult with Dortmund penetrating the Arsenal defence at will with precise through-balls. With better finishing, Dortmund could have been 3 up. After that our defending improved and RVP put us ahead with a great right-foot shot after a perfect pass from Theo. That was about it from Arsenal as an attacking force for the rest of the game. I also felt that the Arsenal midfield was not really very busy apart from Song who was probably our best player in the second half. The defence was also great and there should be no blame attached to them for the Dortmund equaliser which was simply a great strike form outside the box. I think the draw was a fair result, and hopefully this signals the start of a return to form after a shaky start to the season.