October 26, 2011
26/10/2011 General Comments

Well, we beat Stoke on Saturday. Maybe my earlier observations about our over-reliance on RVP hold some water after all. I think this guy has been our most consisten player (when fit) for a couple of years now. It is encouraging that he has remained injury-free for quite an extended period. His goal rate is outstanding this year. Long may it continue. My other point about the defence not being as bad as many people think may also hold some water. After going 1-0 up against Stoke, the midfield seemed to take their collective foot off the gas again, and fuelled the nervousness that is so often apparent. Until RVP struck.

Another Carling Cup win last night against Bolton, but I haven't seen any of that. Hopefully ITV will show something later.

October 23, 2011
23/10/2011 General Comments

I haven't posted on here for over a month. I've been busy at work and with music etc. So, what has been happening on the pitch? We had a decent win against Bolton. We lost to Tottenham. I wasn't too concerned about that result. We outplayed Spurs and the game was stolen from us by bad officiating again. Sagna had his leg broken by a very clumsy challenge, One Spurs goal was handball and the free kicks awarded to Spurs outside our box were laughable. We had a shaky win against Olympiakos. We beat Shrewsbury in the League Cup after an early scare. We beat Swansea with a freak goal. We beat Sunderland with 2 well taken Van Persie goals and we beat Olympique Marseilles at their place after a pretty good defensive performance all round. I though Koscielny was great and Mertesacker was pretty good as well. Jenkinson showed a lot of class with a great performance getting forward and putting in some good crosses. My only complaint about that game was the Tyldesley commentary. He must really hate Arsenal. Shades of Eduardo all over again. The ball hit Jenkinson on the arm and he couldn't stop going on about it. It was pitiful. Later on in the first half a Marseilles defender punched the ball away at a a corner and it rated 1 sentence from him. And that was about a minute later. Selective blindness. 

Just lately I have been wondering whether the Arsenal defence is as bad as everyone says it is. Sure, they concede a lot of goals, but I think it is due to the amount of pressure that they are under due to the midfield is not tracking back or putting important tackles in. Song is the only midfielder who regularly does his share of the defensive work. Lately I have noticed Rosicky doing a lot more tracking back and winning tackles. Arteta is also getting stuck in. If the Man Utd defence came under the same amount of heavy pressure that out our defence regulary has to endure, I am sure they would concede a lot more goals. One worring trend that I have noticed recently is that RVP is having to shoulder a lot of the attacking burden almost single-handedly. Walcott and Arshavin have not been contributing a lot recently. Somebody ought to have a word.