January 29, 2011
29/01/2011 Reconstruction


Fedora 14 installed. Lost database updates not so critical as first thought. I should be able to sort that out within an hour. rsynced my source files to the reinstalled laptop. installed tcsh on both laptops. I think I have close to 500 rpms to update on the reinstalled laptop


Just installed flash-plugin from BBC website - failed - don't forget to run "yum install flash-plugin" or you're going nowhere. I am about to install 426 updates. That should take a while


Rant of the day. I am currently 15 days into my latest attempt to give up smoking. An initiative was announced late last year to provide people giving up smoking with a 1-week supply of free nicotine patches. All you have to do is register on a website (which exhibits rather idiosyncratic behaviour in the address-entry dialogs). At the end of the procedure you receive a registration acceptance code on a web page. I gave an email contact address as part of the registration procedure, so assumed I would get a copy of the code via email, but that never arrived. Coincidentally, neither have the free nicotine patches. Is this another example of an "initiative" announced to generate/divert publicity or is another agency responsible? Over the last Christmas period I noticed that quite a lot of mail (Christmas cards etc.) failed to arrive. 6 weeks later and they still haven't.


updates all installed. gcc installed on both machines. I am about to install bluefish, geany and scite on the reinstalled laptop. Just as I finish typing this, my other laptop wants to install 9 updates!.


enabled httpd on reinstalled machine, setup firewall for http and mysql, installed mysql and mysql-server and the network died on both laptops at the same time - looks like the internet connection to the router rather than the wireless connection from the router - I recovered the network and restarted the mysql install - ok, installed php, php-mysql, mod_python, MySQL-python, mod_perl, tested webserver. Installed bluefish, geany and scite. now testing FTP clients. I got sftp working from command-line but FireFTP appears to need putty-tools installation. I'll look into this later. I'm off to the shops now.


installed gftp on both laptops. I couldn't find putty-tools for Fedora quickly so gave up on it.


completed rebuilding database which I deleted yesterday. Didn't take as long as I thought it would. Now backing up as much stuff as possible from machine to machine.


backups complete!

January 28, 2011
28/01/2011 Reconciliation


a horrible evening trying to reconcile source files from 3 different Linux machines. Discovered that the C compiler is producing lots or warnings for code that successfully compiled with no warnings only 5 years ago. I will need to take another look at this next week. I have Fedora12 and Fedora14 at home and CentOS 5 at the office. I have been rsyncing stuff from a USB pen drive tonight. I shall rsync to the other machine via the network tomorrow.



Disaster! Whilst running various rsync commands, I forgot a trailing / on a directory name, and this combined with the --delete option, conspired to remove the entire contents of my home directory on one of my Linux machines. I lost quite a lot of files, although I didn't lose any source code. I have lost about 6 months updates to one of my databases, but I do have a paper copy of an updated version so should be able to recover that. I am installing Fedora 14 on that machine now.

January 26, 2011
26/01/2011 Computer


I just spent a couple of hours trying to find an editor or IDE for web development. The book that I have recommends editra, but installing this looked like it would involve lots of messing around. I am fairly comfortable with vi, but gvim does not appear to be readily available in a form that is easily installable, and I don't want to have to downgrade any of the rpms on my fedora 14 machine. I decided to try a few of the other editors available.

Cream appeared to require that gvim was already installed, so I let that one go.

gedit was already installed and includes syntax highlighting, but so does vi and I am familiar with vi and know many of its shortcuts.

I installed scribes, but couldn't get it to work. Looks like there is a DBUS problem in there somewhere, and I don't have time to investigate so I'll forget about that.

bluefish is a web development tool. It looks interesting and appears to have a lot of features that I could make use of. I need to check this out further.

I have used Kompozer/Quanta Plus at the office in the past and they are fine for HTML-editing, but I have recently found it difficult to get all of the dependencies sorted out on RHEL and CentOs systems, so I think I shall give these a miss for now.

geany is another web-development tool which appears to be loaded with features and will need to be looked at further.

scite appears to be much more basic. It is "just" a programmers editor, but has support for many different languages,and can even be used to drive compilers, run interpreted code etc.

So, I currently have 5 options - vi , gedit, bluefish, geany or scite.

I think the IDEs can wait for a while.



January 23, 2011
23/01/2011 Frustration Again


More frustration - IE behaves inconsistently. It won't let me manage this website. I kept getting "Error on Page" in the bottom left-hand corner of the IE window. Eventually I deleted my entire browsing history and closed down all browser windows. After restarting the browser, I had succeeded only in removing the "Error on Page" messages but was still unable to manage my website. I cleaned up the browsing history, shutdown the browser, and rebooted the system. I can't wait to ditch this "Operating System". I am currently updating the site from my Linux machine. Not ideal, because details of the data that I am updating reside on the Windows system. 

More pet hates - websites which don't display in a reasonable time because some adserver is currently down, or websites which respond extremely slowly due to the high amount of extraneous content being displayed by any given page, nearly all of which is completely unrelated to the reason that you want to use that server in the first place.


Finally managed to get access to website from XP. The strange thing about the earlier failure was that I had only just switched the computer on for the first time today just before the problems described earlier. It appeared to take a reboot to fix the problem. Does that mean I needed 2 reboots to fix a problem that had occurred before I even switched on the machine today? If that is the case why didn't I encounter a similar problem on the Linux machine. This problem has cost me at least 40 minutes lost time today. I see similar problems every day on the systems at the office, and nobody questions why this situation should persist. Very strange. It's almost like Operating Systems that you pay for are expected to cause problems, whilst the "Free" products are expected to work. Why is this?


 Just about finished with the History and Tracks sections - A few more minor additions will appear in the next few days. I am going to spend a few nights with the Linux machine and PHP/MySQL and on Tuesday will be watching the Arsenal game. Maybe next weekend I shall actually create some music.

January 22, 2011
22/01/2011 More updates


Installed Flash Player on my Fedora 14 system earlier. Updating the website now.


I was distracted and started working on a new project using 3 instances of GenesisCM1.02 - Atmospheric - had to force myself to break off from this and get back to the website.


Still updating the website - It is now 24 days since I recorded any music - I can't wait to start on the next track. 

January 21, 2011
21/01/2011 More Stuff


Last Night I installed Fedora 14 and all updates on a 5-year old Dell laptop and installed MySql, PHP and the mod_python and mod_perl rpms. All installs went successfully with no unpleasant surprises. This is often the case when installing onto older hardware.

Tonight I am updating the History, Tracks, About and Product Links sections of the website. I have also downloaded a couple of VSTs.

January 18, 2011
18/01/2011 And Again


More updates.....

23:40 Just installed Hahaha CS33V2.03. Back to the site updates

January 17, 2011
17/01/2011 More Updates


Like it says on the tin.......

January 16, 2011
16/01/2011 More Site Updates


Continuing to update History section of website


More frustration. I keep having ideas which might help improve the site layout. Unfortunately, they all seem to involve destruction of the content already there

23:45 Added Tracks section - tidied up History - don't know how much more of this I can take 

January 15, 2011
15/01/2011 - Frustration


Yesterday I discovered that my Synth1 preset banks had gone walkabout. They must have been updated during a previous Synth1 update. I looked for them in my last system backup but they weren't there. The backup was dated November 2009! I had to download them and setup the soundbanks - took me until 03:30 this morning. I must create another full backup soon.

Today I was editing the history section of the website and all of the important info in the Seismictc section was blown away when I saved an HTML update. It turns out that the HTML editor does not support the full HTML tag set and caused the file to be truncated.. Unfortunately I had not yet backed up the website so the entire section was lost. I created a backup and have just started recreating the history section. I took the opportunity to back up the website to my Linux machine in addition to my Windows box. I got my PHP/MySQL/Javascript book earlier this week so will look into the possibility of creating a stand-alone website on my Linux machine without any reliance on site management software. I have a feeling that this is not going to be easy.

01:30 16/01

I have just got the History back to the approximate state it was in before I began updating earlier - 1 more addition and I can at least feel that I have made some progress today.