February 21, 2011
21/02/2011 Bits and Bobs


Not much to report. No time for PHP programming this weekend. On Friday I completed the second PHP disk usage reporting utility at work. This was slightly more complex than the first script, involving array manipulation and sorting. It went fairly well, but I was actually calling a PHP5 function on a PHP4 server and getting no apparent indication of any problem.

I performed a (almost) full backup of my PC yesterday. Took about 4 hours.

I hope to do something with SoundCloud in the next couple of weeks. I put an mp3 of A90sbnb up on this site tonight. I don't really want to put any others up until I have seen the bandwidth impact of this track. In any case, I shall probably remove this track at the same time that I put up MesmerFish.


February 15, 2011
15/02/2011 Nothingness


Not much to report recently. At the weekend I completed reading the OOP section in the PHP book. I have been trying to work out at strategy for syncing certain directories across 4 computers. No enlightenment yet on that front. Today I started work on another disk usage reporting utility at work. Last night I started looking at using Soundcloud for putting up music files.


It looks like I may be able to put up the odd audio file on this site. I tried exporting one of my old projects (A90sbnb). I have been exporting from EnergyXT using wav format in order to achieve maximum fidelity. I decided to try creating a 128kbps mp3 file and thought I could get away with exporting to the same directory where I store the wav files. I managed to overwrite the wav file created 2 years ago even though I had selected mp3 format! Not a big problem. I had a backup from late 2009 which should have contained a copy of the the overwritten file. I ran the WD backup utility to restore the deleted file and got an error from the restore which implied that one of the backup master files was missing. Heart in the mouth time. Then I remembered that this software always does this and reran the restore request. I managed to get the file back. This reminds me that I need to create a new backup, during which time the PC will probably be unusable for 8 hours or so. Next I logged into KVR to see if I could figure out how to put links to my audio on that site. That involved a change of my user profile. I then turned my mind to the original problem (why was the wav overwritten when I had asked for mp3 export?). I think that was probably explained by the fact that I had not installed the lame encoder in the EnergyXT2.5.4 directory. I have rectified that. Off to try another export now.


The export worked, although I got wav file in addition to the mp3. Buy one, get one free! 

February 12, 2011
12/02/2011 Stagnation


I was up until 02:45 looking at CSS. I thought I was getting somewhere. Today I have been displaying my latest attempts to use tables containing both text and image links from both Firefox and IE. Guess which one refuses to play ball?


I have spent another 4.5 hours looking at the problem of making links look the same in IE as in Firefox, when I realised that the problem was of my own making. Sometimes you can be too close to the problem to see it


I am much happier now. I have managed to make the product links page behave as I originally planned. Hopefully, things will move forward now

February 10, 2011
10/02/2011 Step back, crawl forward


Managed to get the Logo to appear on the right of the text on the same line as the associated text in IE without having to resort to reading a CSS manual. I haven't had time to check Firefox yet. I just booted my Linux dual-boot system into windows and it had to download a 100Mb Norton update followed by a lot of windows updates. ( I haven't booted into Windows for 300 days). When I shut this system down the updates will run for a while. All this came after Fedora installed about 70 updates on the same machine (Linux side).

February 9, 2011
09/02/2011 Contentment


Completed Hot Hog Infusion 08/02. This was the first track that I have completed in 2011. I spent some time tonight copying music to my Zune and my Wildfire. Listened to Still Life by Opeth. Later I need to copy some more music to my devices, tidy up my PC and maybe run a full backup this weekend whilst working on my laptop.


Just cleaned up some old projects on my PC. Had a look at the website using IE on my PC and shock! the formatting is different in IE. the icons and text appear on the same line in Firefox, but not in IE. More work. But not tonight. Tonight I am having a beer. Right after I backup the site!

February 6, 2011
06/02/2011 Relief


I actually worked on some music today. I had a couple of pieces which I started a few months ago. These have now combined and augmented. One piece was line an early-80s T. Dream snippet (Synthmaster V1/HahahaCS33) with a melodic element. I added EnergyXT2.5.4 Drums using an Alesis HR-16 kit. I then added another piece written a few months ago, (a solo Rez v2.0 trance-style gated synth with a harder edge) and I now have almost 2 minutes of completed music. It's nice when things come together easily like this. I shall continue with this piece over the next few days.


I have now completed 3:40. I need to add a small link piece and the resolutions will be complete.

Added another Rez part (same patch as the other part to allow me to fatten the sound up) added a couple of Genesis CM1.02 parts and I now have one of those melodies that just fell into the right place at the right time. It's amazing what 39 days off can do for you. All that PHP and HTML background reading had an unexpected subliminal side-effect! Don't have a title yet, but that will come. This was so easy!



Added a Synth1 arp sequence and we're good to go. A 5:30 track completed (minus the mixing) in less than 6 hours.

February 5, 2011
05/02/2011 Hope


Arsenal drew 4-4 today thanks to some less than even-handed treatment from a "referee", so I am in a foul mood. I might try to add another img link to the products page, and then have another look at my PHP book. I might even try a couple of hours of music later! I have been listening to Ian Boddy, Marcus Reuter and Centrozoon today

Just setup Evolution to work with my seismictc account. Collation problems on another laptop - fixed. Extracted my source code management system onto laptop #2. Will have to change the login shell to tcsh even though most of my scripts are written in bash these days. Started mailing product manufacturers for permission to use their logos on my site. I can't see why they would object, but caution is advisable here. I need to check my bandwidth usage stats sometime. I may be able to put up the odd mp3 as long as I keep an eye on activity.


Added one more Logo. Back to PHP stuff now.



Did some more PHP reading today/yesterday. I am about to start OOP, but I need some relief from this so I am going to write some music later today.

February 5, 2011
04/02/2011 Crawling Forwards


Been messing about with images today. I have been toying with the idea of jazzing up the product links page. I loaded a test html/php page into the browser from the webserver on my laptop and have managed to create a combined image/text link on my server. Now I need to figure out how to do it via soholaunch on my internet web server and hope that the html I use will be supported. I don't want to have to rebuild the site again.

February 4, 2011
03/02/2011 Smaller Increments


Realized that my knowledge of HTML is completely inadequate and more background reading is required. Then I realized that my knowledge of CSS is completely non-existent. Even more reading. Achievement may be measured by the strength of one's optical prescription. That is a depressing thought.

I managed to tidy up the format of my disk-usage monitoring web page via work-arounds instead of using conventional solutions.

Still no time to further investigate the explode function.

I found a problem when sorting the contents of one of my databases. This was solved by setting one of the Linux locale environment variables. Now I need to update the contents of my documentation database. What has this got to do with music? I hear you say. A very good question. One step forwards, three steps back. 


Updated database and just installed wireshark on one of the linux machines


Result! The explode function works as advertised. I was misusing it the other day, and I don't even need to call it when using the exec function to process a file containing 2 columns of data stored in a variable. Now only two steps back, but these steps are giant steps.

February 3, 2011
02/02/2011 Increments


Busy at work today. Not much time for stuff. I did manage to download a VST tonight. I also completed a first pass of a PHP script embedded in HTML for monitoring disk usage at work. I am still having problems with the php explode function but I managed to work around that. Using PHP allows you to generate web pages containing tables without having to write lots of html code. Nice. I shall probably have another play with the explode function tomorrow and then get back to the PHP part of my book later tomorrow. I might even write some music this weekend. 20 days without a cigarette now.

February 2, 2011
01/02/2011 Dereliction


Not much to report. I watched the Arsenal game tonight. I have been looking at PHP programming and am about to embark on a disk usage reporting script for our office web server. I should be able to complete a basic working script this week. I hope to work on some music this weekend. I have about 400 projects on the go, with 15 or so in "work in progress" status. I want to complete the "artwork" for the fifth cd this week. I would also like to perform some database updates in the next few days. In a few weeks time I may start looking into the possibility of setting up a Soundcloud account.