June 30, 2011
30/06/2011 Momentum

Reaction to A90sbnb has so far been better than I expected. Not many downloads but lots of listens and some postive comments. I have had a comparison to Phil Collins! That surprised me and I can't really see that but everybody comes at this music from a different starting point so that is OK. I also had a comparison to Trance. I can understand that, given some of the sounds employed.

The remix of MesmerFish was tricky and there was certainly no Eureka moment. I eq'd the track and then made some adjustments to synth patches (in one case, a complete change of patch). The track still has a very bassy feel to it but seems a little clearer now. I eventually managed to arrive at a mix that did not result in the drums being completely swamped at the end. This remix took about 6 hours. After 2 days this track has had more plays than bnb but I have not received as much reaction. Wait and see I guess.

I plan to start reworking Cyril's Escapism in the next few days. I am toying with the idea of 2 bass guitars on this one, and possibly a HF synth. Let's see what happens.

June 27, 2011
27/06/2011 Busy Again


Completed the remix of A90sbnb at 03:15 yesterday. That took about 5 hours. After looking at the wav of the original, I found a phase-shift of approx 8% on each channel. After removing 2 seconds of silence from the beginning of the track the shift was gone and the render was able to normalise correctly. I tweaked 1 patch, added eq (both shelving and parametric), tweaked volume levels, removed 48 seconds of music, adjusted the bassline, added drum hits and removed drums at change-ups, added a little reverb to the drums, adjusted the manual pan and added auto-pan on a pad. I reposted the mp3 on kiwi6 and Soundcloud. In the process I managed to break the link to the KVR music tracker. I am learning new workflows as I go along!

I have just started remixing MesmerFish, but haven't really got anywhere with this yet. I needed to reduce the bass on one of the patches and adjust all levels as the drums were getting drowned out at the end of the track. I have been putting this off for over 28 months so it is good to actually get started on this. I should make some real progress on this by the end of tomorrow.

June 25, 2011
25/06/2011 Vindication
Well, I did it. I'm on Soundcloud now. I also posted a track (A90sbnb) in the KVR music cafe. I have had a good reaction to the music, but reaction to my production "skills" has been less encouraging. This is not surprising as I have none anyway. I have received some helpful advice on both the musical and the production aspects of this track. I feel that I may have addressed some of the musical issues in my more recent tracks, but there are other points to consider which will be borne in mind when making future songs. The production problems are being looked into now, and I am remixing A90sbnb at the moment, concentrating mainly on eq. I have also tweaked one of the GenesisCM1.02 patches used on that track. Gosh, it makes a change to be talking about music again! Until I get time to update the link pages here, my Soundcloud name is whatsisname. Imaginative or what? Maybe I'll add a soundcloud player to this site later.

June 23, 2011
22/06/2011 Decision
Attention-seeking saddo. That's me in a nutshell. I just signed up for Kiwi6 and Soundcloud accounts. An infinitesimal portion of the internet-inhabiting cognoscenti is about to be subjected to unimaginable torture. Not only that. I've heard that this aural barrage is apparently legal. The first track (a90sbnb) should be going up in the next couple of days. I am deliberating over the format to upload in. I am leaning towards 192Kbps mp3 for Kiwi6 and 320Kbps mp3 for Soundcloud.

June 20, 2011
20/06/2011 Entertainment

I went to a gig with my son and one of my friends on Saturday. We saw Los Endos (a Genesis tribute band).

The concert was preceded by pizza and a couple of beers to set the correct tone, and was split into 2 halves (the concert, not the beers).

The first half of the set consisted of Watcher of the Skies followed by Selling England by the Pound played in its entirety.

The second half of the show consisted of The Knife, Get 'Em Out By Friday, Entangled, Horizons, Supper's Ready and The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway/The Musical Box. For an encore we had Dance on a Volcano/Drum solo/Los Endos.

The band were excellent and were very good players who haven't exactly picked the easiest of source material to entertain us with. There were a few duff notes (not enough to worry about), but these were compensated for by a couple of moments where the arrangements seemed to surpass the original live versions. During the second half of the show it felt like the volume had been turned up just a little too much and I noticed that the keyboards (particularly the Pro-Soloist parts) and the guitar were distorting through the PA system. Next time I go to a gig I shall make sure that I stand as close to the soundman as possible. I used to make a point of doing this, but it has been so long since I went to see a band in a small venue that it slipped my mind.

In the first half of the set there were many moments when the hairs on the back of my neck were standing on end, specifically during Watcher of the Skies, Dancing With The Moonlit Night, The Battle of Epping Forest, Cinema Show and Aisle of Plenty. I had never seen Genesis play any of these tracks live (apart from Cinema Show). When More Fool Me was played, the drummer stepped up to the microphone to sing the lead vocal. Where did he get that idea?

During the second half of the show, the standout moment was a great rendition of Entangled, complete with obligatory goose-pimples.

The lightshow was good, the playing was excellent, the costume changes were inspired and the concert program was entertaining, and the bass guitarist played a double-neck MIDI guitar. If you like your Genesis, you should really check this band out. I hope to do so myself again soon.

Their website is 


June 11, 2011
11/06/2011 Awakenings

I've been down so long................(sorry Jim)

I've been doing mucho listening for the last 4 months. I'm not so much looking to change musical styles as to try to incorporate some different approaches into what I am doing. I don't think I need to make any radical changes at the moment as I feel that my music does not readily fall into an existing classification, which is quite amusing considering the fact that I spent years and years worshipping all of the bands that I grew up listening to, and wanted to be able replicate their musical exploits. Now that I have the means to do this at my disposal (apart from musical talent), I find that I am more comfortable ploughing my own furrow. This is not to say that I no longer listen to the bands who provided my musical inspiration. I still love them (and am currently listening to The Return of the Giant Hogweed). I would now prefer to do something original.

My 4 month listening sabbatical has been focussing primarily upon sound production. I feel that I have less expertise in this area than I do musically. This is quite a staggering claim, but unfortunately, is true.

I have recently acquired Superior Drummer 2.0, a Squier Deluxe Active Jazz Bass and a Roland Cube 30. I used to play a lot of Bass guitar over a 2 year period in '79-80 and quite enjoyed myself by all accounts. I think that there is a general perception that the bass guitar is the less glamourous cousin of the 6-string. Try telling that to Jaco Pastorius, Percy Jones or Geddy Lee. Playing the bass guitar alone can be unrewarding, but now that I have Superior Drummer, I can set up grooves and jam along. This has been very enjoyable. My problem now is loading up SD 2.0 and Pod Farm 2.5 inside EnergyXT without running out of memory for recording purposes. I only have 2Gb in my PC and the motherboard won't support any more. I can see that I am going to be bouncing intruments to audio, which may require hitherto unheard of levels of ingenuity in the seismic studio. It may also have a detrimental effect upon musical spontaineity. 

 I am hopeful of setting up some mp3 hosting soon and a Soundcloud account should be active in the next few weeks.