July 28, 2011
28/07/2011 Quietly Busy


NIM was a slow burner. Not too much reaction. Strike a Light attracted some attention on Soundcloud, and Fruit No Object was fairly popular. This week I have been working on the Gallery remix. I cut over 2 minutes from this track. I adjusted some drum parts and tweaked the reverb on the Sky Kit. Next I swapped out a bass sound completely, and changed some bass notes. changed the FX chain on the Crystal synth, changed some of the bass string synth notes, and added a new Dominator synth part to liven up the track. Then I set new levels, panned and EQ'd. In one case the EQ was quite extreme, completely altering the sound of one of the Dominator patches, but the track needed livening up. I completed the mastering as well. This will go up in the next few days. This remix took 7 hours.

July 23, 2011
23/07/2011 Behind the Scenes/Fright Night


Uploaded NIM today. Fairly quiet reception so far. A listener pointed me in the direction of Fever Ray. I'm glad he did. "Keep The Streets Empty For Me" is a fantastic track. Made a couple of minor updates to the website tonight. After the first update the editor would not allow me to update that page anymore. I still have nightmares about having to rebuild the site again. Luckily a Soholaunch update was all it took to get things working this time. 

July 22, 2011
22/07/2011 LogJam


Completed the Remix of NIM tonight. Took a total of 9 hours work. Shortened track by about 1:40. Added more notes to the piano, Changed the Crystal patch and tweaked envelope, then modified the actual notes as well. Added more interest to the main drum part. Added a second drum part. Added an Alpha bass part. Set levels, EQ'd (more vicious than usual) and mastered. I was going to put it up tonight but Fruit is still going strong. Maybe tomorrow.

July 19, 2011
19/07/2011 Calm Before The Storm


So, Strike A Light wasn't setting the world on fire, but I had pretty much written the track off prior to the remix, and the remix turned out to be ok. That was a worthwhile exercise.

Fruit No Object was a different story. After a slow start, it really took off. There are a lot of fans of 70-85 TD out there.

I have done some work on NIM this week. I managed to chop out 1 minute from the track, added a new drum part and added a new stutter synth part. I plan to add a deeper bass for the final build up and maybe add to the Piano part. After that I will set levels, eq, pan and master. Maybe I'll actually record a new track in about one month's time! 

July 16, 2011
16/07/2011 Quiet


Reaction to Strike A Light was fairly muted, although I had comparisons to early Sting and early Tull, so it can't be all bad. I posted Fruit No Object last night, but after almost 24 hours I am still waiting for some reaction. Let's see what happens. 

July 13, 2011
13/07/2011 Untitled


Uploaded Strike A Light last night.So far opinion is that it begins in a sloppy or loose way but evolves into something more comprehensible or complex. I'm going to buy Lounge Lizard Session from Cakewalk/AAS today. Good discount. 

July 11, 2011
11/07/2011 Getting Ahead


Completed Fruit No Object remix. It took me about 6 hours. I added a few notes to the Dominator Lyra pad, EQ'd everything, added some pan and mastered. I won't put this up for a week or so. Tomorrow I'll upload Strike A Light. 

July 10, 2011
10/07/2011 Contemplation


Just listened to Fruit No Object for the first time in a while in preparation for a remix. I'm undecided about whether to actually change any notes/instruments or just go with a basic remix and just leave the guts of the track alone. I was thinking about possibly changing the Dominator E-Piano sound, changing the bass drum and perhaps changing a note in the Dominator Lyra part. Decisions! 



Decided to leave the Dominator Lyra "note" alone. Quite an easy decision. Got a shock today when I checked the Dominator PureRezSine patch used for the E-Piano like intro. It was tuned a full tone too high!. When I wrote this track I composed it by ear. I noticed the shift when I was trying out alternative sounds. In the end I settled on a Lazysnake patch to replace the Dominator here. It has a more lively feel to it. I shall look at the bass drum sound later. 

July 8, 2011
08/07/2011 Maintaining Momentum


Completed remixing/editing/mastering of Strike A Light today. Took just over 4 hours. Adjusted levels, added panning, added EQ, modified drums, removed a few bars, changed build-up, removed a pop caused by wav editing and mastered. I probably won't upload/post until Monday. I had some more good (maybe even enthusiastic) reaction to Cyril's Escapism. I had a comparison to Simple Minds,  good reaction to the bass, drums, guitar and keyboard parts. As this was a track that I thought was merely ok (not good, not bad) prior to remix, I feel that the exercise has been worthwhile. I was definitely happier with the remix than the original, but I can say that about all 3 remixes so far. I haven't made my mind up about Light yet. I shall listen to both versions tomorrow at a decent volume.

July 6, 2011
06/07/2011 Vindication?


I had a Depeche Mode comparison made with MesmerFish and a Cure comparison made with Cyril's Escapism on Soundcloud. A KVR member thought that the production of Cyril's Escapism was great. This exercise has been quite successful. The next track to go up should set the record straight.   

July 4, 2011
04/07/2011 Erratum


I thought I had completed the remix of Cyril's Escapism this morning. I hadn't. I spotted some IK bargains on the KVR website and purchased T Racks3 (including the EQ and metering plugins), and the Vintage Tube Compressor. Tonight I decided that I would use the EQ plugin to master the wav. Whilst preparing to do this I decided to adjust the volume of the slap-bass guitar part I added this week. The track should go out tonight.

July 3, 2011
03/07/2011 Head of Steam


I completed the remix of Cyril's Escapism today.Added two bass guitar parts, added some snare hits and panned the track. This took about 6 hours. Will have to keep an eye on my hotlink stats. I don't plan any more remix activity for 4 or 5 days. I should upload Cyril's Escapism later today.

July 1, 2011
01/07/2011 Enthusiasm
Just spotted MesmerFish on the main page of the EnergyXT website. With Citron on the KV331 site I may have achieved some degree of notoriety. Just started working on the remix of Cyril's Escapism. I have tweaked some levels and eq'd the instruments. I am now toying with the idea of adding some bass guitar and maybe another lead line.