August 29, 2011
29/08/2011 Encouragement


I posted Club Sandwich on Saturday. No response on KVR for about 18 hours but then it kicked off. I must have picked a slow day. Soundcloud response has also been better than usual. I am about to start work on the Citron remix. 

August 28, 2011
28/08/2011 Industry


Just completed the Edit/Remix/Master of Entity. I Eventually shortened the track and added a couple more instruments to give the ending a more melodic feel. The whole thing took about 6 hours. Day off tomorrow and then start on Citron. I put up Club Sandwich today but no responses in the first 8 hours on KVR. I had a few comments on Soundcloud.

August 26, 2011
26/08/2011 Effort


Started on the remix of Entity tonight. Split the clap onto a separate drum truck. That makes 5 drum tracks on this one. Decided I will need to make some changes. Maybe shorten it a bit. Maybe add a lead/melody. Time will tell.  

August 25, 2011
25/08/2011 Little by little


Dropped the volume of the claps and added some reverb in Alternative Investments and posted on Soundcloud. that took 1 hour. Stats not being updated again. 

August 24, 2011
24/08/2011 Just when I thought things were going remarkably well......


I just put up Alternative Ivestments. I made some drum changes to Club Sandwich. I had almost finished the remix when the Oranze patch I was using went crazy on me. The arp patch detuned and I couldn't get it to work. I unloaded the vst and reloaded it, but that didn't work either. I reloaded it into an empty project and that was ok. Every attempt I made to load that instrument back into the existing project resulted in detuning. I shutdown EnergyXT and reloaded my sound drivers, but that didn't work. I even rebooted the PC but that didn't fix it either. The next day I tried reloading again and it was still bad. After another hour, I decided to deprogram the arp and built a new set of arp steps. This was ok! I still don't know what went wrong, but I think it was the combination of EnergyXT, Oranze and T-Racks 03. A similar thing happened with Originals In to one of the SR-202 patches, but I decided I quite liked the effect and left it alone! So, a simple remix session that I expected to complete in 4-5 hours took over 9 hours in the end. I'm going to have a couple of days off from remixing and then I'll start on Entity.

August 21, 2011
21/08/2011 Forward


Decided to slightly alter the hi-hat on Originals In. Changed and remastered and replaced file on Soundcloud. That took about 1 hour. Changed the drum tracks on Alternative Investments and Mastered. Just need to create the mp3 files and this is ready to go up. Maybe I'll start looking at Club Sandwich later today. 


Alternative Investments completed. This was about 6 hours work. Club Sandwich edits complete I think. I may pan/set levels and EQ this tonight. 

August 20, 2011
20/08/2011 Stagnation/Apathy/Sparks


I listened to the original Alternative Investments 6 days ago and realised that this was not a track that I could put up on the Internet. It was ok but there was no development at all there. I realised I had to flesh it out a bit. I spent 4 evenings playing around and getting nowhere apart from shortening the track. Today I had the day off work and eventually arrived at a SynthMaster Free patch which would fit the feel of the track. Once this was in place, I added a RedTron patch to counteract the Glass House Genesis patch and we are in business. Heavy editing of the 4 drum tracks (and the addition of a fifth!) has left the track sounding much more lively than before. Now I have completed the remix and will master this tomorrow.

I just put up Originals In and had a SoundCloud comment within 20 minutes. This is a new record for me! Next track for remix is Club Sandwich. I hope this is easier than Alternative Investments. 

August 14, 2011
14/08/2011 Momentum


Finished the remix of Originals In last night. That took 5 hours. I also put up Change of Heart. I may start on Alternative Investments tonight, but then again...... 

August 13, 2011
13/08/2011 Waiting and Activity


I put up Tronix1 on the 10th and the response was as good as I could have hoped for. I'm probably going to put up Change of Heart tonight. To be honest, I dont expect a great response from that either. I started on the remix of Originals In today. I have added an instrument towards the end to liven up proceedings a little and made a few changes to various notes. I have already eq'd the track and am about to continue with panning and levels. Still getting disk errors.

August 10, 2011
10/08/2011 Industry


Didn't put up Tronix1 yet. I was ws still getting responses to Decade. I shall probably put Tronix1 up tonight. I have also eq'd and mastered Change of Heart. It took me about 30 minutes. This will probably go up this weekend if the response to Tronix1 is as poor as I expect it to be.

August 7, 2011
07/08/2011 Encouragement


Pretty good response to Decade. I'm happy with that. I have decided to go ahead with Tronix1 tonight. I can't remix it as it was recorded "live" straight to wav, so I am going to master it and hope that will be good enough. There is some midi-stepping evident on this recording but let's see what happens. 


Found a bit of a problem with Tronix1. The delay was set to pan and it proved to be a little tiring after a while. I converted the wav to mono in Audacity and then mastered in T-Racks3 using the Warm Comp setting and increasing the Lo-Cut to 31Hz. I may put this up tomorrow. This remix took about 30 minutes.

August 6, 2011
06/08/2011 On a Roll


Response to Gallery has been patchy. It was received better than I expected it to be, so I can't complain. I just completed the remix of Decade and posted it. The remix was relatively easy. It took less than 4 hours. I cut 34 seconds from the track and made small modifications to the drum parts, eq'd and panned the instruments and mastered it as hot as I dared. Let's see what happens. I may start work on the "remix" of TCtronix loop one tomorrow, although I think that this will only consist of mastering due to the nature of the track and the way it was recorded. 

August 3, 2011
03/08/2011 Fright Night 2


I forgot to mention my hard drive scare on the 23rd July. My system suddenly started running very slowly (about 20% of normal speed). After digging around I found that my C: drive had switched from DMA to PIO due to excessive disk errors. I managed to get the machine running at normal speed by uninstalling the device driver and rebooting. I then spent hours and hours backing up my system, only to find that the backup would fail, but wouldn't tell me where. After many hours of trial and error I backed up my entire E: drive and all of my C: drive except for 1 directory (by coincidence the directory I have been using most frequently over the last 5-6 months). I haven't yet tried to trace this to the file level yet.


I just put Gallery up. NIM is still getting some plays as well. Maybe I'll start on the Decade remix tomorrow.