September 23, 2011


Rise And Fall turned out to be pretty popular. It lasted 6 days. I have just put up Conflicting Prophecies. That remix took me 6 hours. I have had a request to consider putting some tracks on another site. I am currently mulling this over. 

September 17, 2011
17/09/2011 Relaxation


Felonious Monk turned out to be my most popular track so far, both on Soundcloud and KVR. It lasted a week. I put up Rise And Fall this afternoon. That took 6 hours. I'll probably start remixing Conflicting Prophecies tomorrow. 

September 10, 2011
10/09/2011 Movement and Preparation


Entity eventually proved to be fairly popular, but Citron didn't exectly set the world on fire. I completed the Edit/remix/master of Felonious Monk a couple of days ago (it took 7 hours), and put the track up tonight. I have started planning the remix of Rise And Fall. I should start this tomorrow.

September 6, 2011
06/09/2011 Slow


Response to Entity began slowly, but then picked up. The percussion seemed to be popular. I put up Citron last night. A few people commented about the trance-gate. It was not much liked. I might revisit that at a later date. I have been working on and off with Felonious Monk. I have spent over 5 hours on the remix so far and have had to make some difficult decisions, but I'm slowly getting there. A little more work on the drums and the lead part at the end, and then I can start eq work.

September 2, 2011
02/09/2011 Slow


I put up Entity yesterday. Pretty muted response so far. Response to Club Sandwich was very good, both on Soundcloud and KVR. I "completed" the remix of Citron last night. This took a long time. I was having problems with the gated pad using the Synthmaster2 LFO to control the gate sequencer. Although it sounded ok in the sequencer, every time I rendered it the timing was out. Last night I made a small change to the step start and then changed it back immediately. I rendered it and the resulting wav was ok, although I think there was slightly too much resonance on one of the other Synthmaster2 parts. Tonight I went back into the project and slightly lowered that resonance. The resulting render exhibited the gate sequencer problem again. I repeated the step change and re-rendered and the render took about twice as long as the previous attempt, and then the PC hung. I had to power it off. I repeated the same sequence with exactly the same results. I have decided to call it a day with this track and go with the higher than ideal resonance wav and mastered that. That remix took about 6 hours. I should start work on Felonious Monk on Sunday.