October 26, 2011
26/10/2011 Indecision and Action


Things are progressing in an incremental, orderly way. Maybe some definite news in a week or so. I may start looking at Buy Cheese later tonight. I have had an enquiry about the possibilty of doing a remix. I'm not sure that I have the expertise to participate in such a venture.

October 23, 2011
23/10/2011 Awakening


Cascade was fairly well received, I think. That remix took 7 hours. After putting that up there was a 2-week hiatus caused by work. A couple of days ago I started work on the remix of Indian Summer. Today I made a major breakthrough with the LFO gate sequencer in SynthMaster V2. I had been experiencing timing/synchronisation problems every time I used it for almost 2 years. Today I realised I had got the logic backwards in my head. Once that was sorted out the remix proceeded apace and I added a new synth part, split out the drum tracks for easier eq control, and messed about with the timing/alignment of one of the PRO-53 synth parts.The remix and master is now complete (about 7 hours), and I have put the track up. I may have some other music-related news in the next couple of weeks, and hope to remix Buy Cheese later this week.

October 4, 2011
04/10/2011 Motivation


Conflicting Prophecies was pretty popular. After putting it up I sank into a malaise, probably due to some very long hours at work. I eventually remixed Entrance and managed to enhance the track with an extra melodic instrument and some minor changes to existing parts. This one took 6 hours. That went down better than expected. I have just started on Cascade. I really should be more enthusiastic about this remix because I quite like the track, but I  guess I'm still tired from work. Tonight I fixed a longstanding timing issue with the pad in Cascade, but I think I need to add something melodically, maybe an extra lead. I may need to work on the bassline and the drums as well.