November 22, 2011
22/11/2011 Finding the Rhythm


I completed a remix of Chain by Mr.Me on Sunday night. After struggling with it during 30-60 minute sessions for a few days I just sat down and got on with it. Within 5 hours it was complete although I had a problem with z3ta+ going out of tune by 1 semitone. The Hatrix was fairly successful. I am going to start on Ha tomorrow.

November 19, 2011
19/11/2011 Almost There


About 95% through the task of building a new DAW. I have lost NI Kore Player, SynthMaster Free, SynthMaster V1 and Drumatic kicks no longer work. PPG Wave 2.V will only open Factory Banks, and I'm sure I'll turn up a few other oddities and failures. Many of my SynthMaster V2 patches no longer work (pre 2.5), but I should be able to replicate the stuff I need. The new DAW is a lot quicker than the old one. Buy Cheese went down ok and I put up The Hatrix on Thursday morning. That remix took 3 hours.  

November 5, 2011
05/11/2011 Steady Progress


Just got EMU Proteus VX installed.  I wasn't expecting that to work.


Installed Switch and WavePad. Installed BlueCat Audio Freeware pack. Installed BlueCat Peak Meter. Installed Fuji FinePix Viewer.

November 4, 2011
04/11/2011 Slow But Gathering Momentum


Just installed SampleTank Free. Currently downloading the Instruments. This will take a while. About to check out some old VSTs.


Finally completed the download/installation of the SampleTank Instruments. Had to mess around a bit to do this and to get the software working with my ASIO/Pod Studio. About to install T-Racks03. 


The T-Racks 03 install went well until authorisation. Then the authorisation tool kept telling me that I had an out-of-date version of the software and I got stuck in a loop. The version of the authorisation tool was actually up to date. I had to uninstall the software and reinstall to get the thing to work. After getting T-Racks 03 working I decided to master Buy Cheese. A moment of panic when I thought that I may have overwritten the input file, but I hadn't. The software runs so much faster on my new machine, so that is a positive point. I'm going to put this track up now.


Just put up Buy Cheese. That made me feel good. The remix took 5 hours.


Installed IK Vintage 670 Compressor and Rainbow2.


Installed Rhino2, AAS Lounge Lizard Session and FileZilla.


Went to install the WD essentials backup utility then remembered that it was not particularly easy or friendly to use so decided to use Windows backup instead. That was much quicker. Installed Canon printer drivers. 

November 3, 2011
03/11/2011 Slow


Very slow progress. A small clean-up of the F: drive and figured out how to import mp3 into EnergyXT2. - Not particularly intuitive, but literal. A complete hang tonight during a java install/upgrade. Now I am currently unable to unmount my external USB drive. Apparently it is busy, but I haven't a clue what is using it.

November 2, 2011
02/11/2011 Disaster


Saturday 29/10 

I had a hard disk failure on my C drive on Saturday morning. This probably came at the worst possible time. I agonised over the fact that I currently cannot afford a Mac and went out and bought a cheap Advent Windows 7 desktop machine with a core-i5, 1TB disk, 3GB ram and USB3. I also bought a second 1TB disk, a 4GB memory module and an external disk enclosure. I spent Saturday night configuring the basic OS and backing up the installation to DVD. I installed MSE, Thunderbird and started the long task of sending my backup emails from my linux machine to the new system. More later.


Sunday 30/10

More emails sent to myself on Sunday. Installed ASIO4ALL v2. Installed Line 6 Monkey and downloaded the drivers for Pod Studio UX2. Installed EnergyXT2.5.4, managed to find my license key. Managed to load up the demo projects. Working. Installed Pro-53. Needs a product serial number, but the Service Center was asking for a 13-character serial number to activate the software. Sent a message to NI. Witing for reply. Installed Malwarebytes. Removed E: drive from old machine and installed in external enclosure. Increased RAM in new machine from 3GB to 6GB. Tried to install second 1TB disk in new machine, but no SATA cable was provided with the disk and there was no spare in the computer. Phoned Currys and they assured me that the local branch stocked cables. Drove there and the store assured me that they never stock these cables. Had to drive to a much more distant PC-World and got a cable, only to realise when I got home that I would need a cable with an angled-connector due to lack of space in the computer. Hung the audio driver or UX2 whilst running Pro-53. Decided to try running the Pro-53 in XP SP3 compatibility mode.  

Monday 31/10

Popped into a small PC repair shop in town on the way to work and managed to get the correct SATA cable. Installed the second 1TB drive and connected the old E: drive via USB. Managed to copy all files onto the new F: drive. Installed Waldorf Edition and after a struggle managed to get it working. Whilst playing with Wave 2.V, using D-Pole as an insert effect I managed to hang the sound driver/UX2 again. Yet more forwarding of emails.

Tuesday 01/11

A mammoth email forwarding session. Managed to complete the task. replaced the e: drive from my old computer in the external enclosure with the bad C: drive. Managed to copy most files to my F: drive. had problems copying 2 of the selected files. One copy failed, but the operation timed out and allowed me to continue, bypassing the bad file. The second failure hung the copy operation, and after waiting for 10 minutes, I disconnected the USB cable and managed to restart the operation, omitting the bad file. Installed Audacity and the lame mp3 codec for Audacity and EnergyXT2. I have to go through all of the VSTs and find out which ones work.

Wednesday 02/11

Had email from NI. They asked me to install the latest Service Center from their website. This asked me for a 25-character serial number. Pro-53 is now working. Got all my old Pro-53 banks back from the dying disk.