December 27, 2011
27/12/2011 Relief


I put up Omen 11/12. In many ways this was my best-received track yet. I completed the edit/remix/master of Breath 24/12 and put it up today. That was a difficult one. I had to redo the drums after losing Kore Player with my old computer. I used Superior Drummer 2.3 for this and managed to get a decent '80s rock kit sound from the NY Avatar kit. I shortened the original track by about 90 seconds. I decided that I need one more GTG 44 S sound to fill the sound out. Then I decided to add bass guitar. After that the levelling/eq/mastering was very tricky, but it is now complete after 12 hours more work. Last week I installed FLStudio 10. This week I installed PoiZone and GrossBeat. I hope to actually use them sometime this year. I plan to start remixing Waves on Thursday. I am having problems with my Pod Farm 2.51 licensing since installing on Windows 7. I have to run the stand-alone program before the license will work in the VSTi.

December 9, 2011
09/12/2011 Progress


Completed Omen remix yesterday. Mastered today. That took 3 hours. I shall probably put this up tomorrow night. I may even start on the Breath remix tomorrow. Installed Chromaphone a couple of days ago with the intention of using it for rhythmic sequencing. That's not how it has turned out. I used it for the melodic and chordal parts of a new piece and left the rhythms to Cubix/rps-1. It's nice to be writing music again. 

December 7, 2011
07/12/2011 Respite


I completed building my DAW about 10 days ago. Then I found that some of my Zune playlists had disappeared and tracks had disappeared from others. I completed rebuilding those a couple of days ago. I finished the remix of Ha last Wednesday. It took 9 hours. I put that up on SoundCloud. On Sunday I put up the remix of Chain. I am going to start on Omen tomorrow. Installed Nomad Factory AMT maximizers yesterday. Nice to be able to relax a bit.