January 15, 2012
15/01/2012 Bits and Pieces


Waves went down fairly well. KVR has been very quiet for a week or so now. Everybody must be playing with Christmas presents. I completed the Edit/Remix/Master of Wave Goodbye yesterday. It took about 13 hours. I added an extra bass, a lead, and some percussion sounds to enable me to build the track more effectively. The original was much more minimal. A few days away from remixing and I should start on Des Res on Wednesday. Just made some minor updates to this site. I added a Soundcloud link. I might make a couple of sets soon and add players to this site.

January 3, 2012
03/01/2012 Getting Ahead


Breath was received better than I expected. I wasn't terribly happy with the original version, but I think the recent updates "breathed" new life into it. I completed the edit/remix/master of Waves today. There was a lot of work to do here. I shortened the track by about 1 minute. I added a dash of PPG Wave 2.V, went through all of the SQ8L patches and revised some of them. The filter on there has a remarkably sensitive control range, but I managed to remove quite a lot of noise that was present on the original recording. I revamped the drums and percussion, splitting the kick off onto its own channel, added some SQ8L percussion (subtle, but it is there), added a Drumatic percussion track to give some extra punch. During the mix I set all levels to -6dB and worked from there. It gave me a lot of headroom and the Mastering became so much easier. I may put this up later today, or possibly on Wednesday. This remix took 11 hours.