February 17, 2012
17/02/2012 Reflection


I put up Mirror 10/02. That went down fairly well. I added Valhalla Shimmer to 4 VSTi instruments and it sounded pretty good to me. I also managed to add a little drum processing via Frohmage and added a new string synth to the Incidence section. That remix took 10 hours. I plan to start work on Divide and Conquer tomorrow. I'm quite looking forward to revisiting this as I consider it to have quite a powerful sound. Maybe some more momentous news in a couple of days.

February 6, 2012
05/02/2012 Catch-up


I put up Wave Goodbye on 15th Jan. That went down fairly well. Des Rez went up on Jan 28th and went down better than I expected. That remix took about 9 hours and consisted of lots of changes that gave the track a lot more drive and layers which built to a much more powerful conclusion. I mixed this at -6dB so there appears to be more clarity as well. I have just started playing with Mirrors. I recently acquired Valhalla Shimmer and am considering temporarily abandoning my "go easy on the reverb" policy. I will probably have to rework the drums and am considering adding 1 or 2 more instruments, although I don't want too many layers on this. I "remastered" Citron last week. I noticed some clipping on the original, so lowered the gain on the mastering EQ. That took about 30 minutes.