March 26, 2012
26/03/2012 Ordeal


Divide And Conquer was very successful and it looks like Qattara is about to surpass it. I have just posted Field Of Dreams. That was a real ordeal. The edit/remix/master took about 14 hours. The original sessions for this and the next 4 tracks were very difficult and it was hard to get very enthusiastic about them although the remix of Field Of Dreams is definitely an improvement over the original. I had a lot of problems with the Waldorf Wave 2.V part from the original track. This was originally produced on my old XP32 computer and to get 2.V to run on the new machine I had to install after adding a registry key. After this I was able to run 2.V, but I am unable to use any patch banks. This required a download from Waldorf to upgrade the software by a couple of minor versions. and the download is no longer available. The synth is now only able to play the factory presets. I was able to use the original project file to render a WAV and then import that into the new project. I also managed to use my new T-Racks processors on this track. I'll start working on Terraform next week. I have a feeling that it will involve a lot of work. 

March 10, 2012
10/03/2012 Calm


I think Divide And Conquer was very successful. It was my favourite track when I completed the initial recording and remains so. I spent an hour beefing up the kick for the House sections and I'll probably leave it alone now. I just posted Qattara - Three Winds. The remix of this took about 4 hours. During this time I was unable to decide what to do with it. I initially thought it needed a lead instrument, but after consideration, I decided it didn't need one and left it alone, adding only a little percussion and making some sonic enhancements. I think I made the right decision here. I'll start looking at Field Of Dreams next week.

March 1, 2012
01/03/2012 Achievement


Mirror was fairly successful. I put up Divide And Conquer 27/02. The remix of that was a major undertaking. I was very happy with the original 2 years ago, but listening to it again last month, I realised that it needed tweaking. I glossed up the percussion, changed some of the bass notes, replaced the falling arpeggio setcion with some string-like chords, split out many of the drums into separate tracks and added some electric piano. This remix took 14 hours. The finished track was a definite improvement on the original. I may even try to start on the Three Winds remix this weekend. Now for some news. I had an EP released on Bandcamp 28/02. It consists of 4 tracks:- Decade, Fruit No Object, Tronix and Change Of Heart. I would say that the style of this is predominantly ambient, but with some beats on the first two tracks. I will try to put up some links in the next 24 hours. Oh, yes. I also remastered Buy Cheese and The Hatrix last week after noticing that the originals had a little clipping on them. These both involved quick tweaks to the master EQ, and each took 30 minutes.