May 28, 2012
28/05/12 Apprehension


I have listened to Offsets a few times since completing the remix a couple of weeks ago. I'm convinced that this is the best mix I have yet performed. The reverb seemed to work well and the EQ sounds pretty good. I have to try to continue in this mode on the next track "Stand Still, I Say". I'm not looking forward to that remix at the moment. I have been putting it off as the track is probably the least or second least favourite of my tracks. I may have to tear it apart and start fresh. I did actually manage to get an hour on the drumkit tonight. Fisrt time for a week.

May 19, 2012
19/05/2012 Smooth


Gates Of Distraction got more plays than I thought likely. I put up Offsets on Tuesday morning. That remix took about 12 hours, most of which was taken up by editing and re-arranging the music. I had to trim it a little to get a new break in. The break itself took about 1 hour to write and insert into the track. The rest of the remix process was slow but steady and turned out quite well. I'm slowly getting the levelling sorted out, and am starting to become comfortable with reverbs. I think I need to work harder with use of the stereo space. Things like panning the reverb would be a good idea, but I need to experiment with that before using it on a track. I have only had about 30 minutes on the drums in the last 12 days. I need more time.

May 6, 2012
06/05/2012 Relief


I put up GatesOf Distraction (originally titled Dyslexia) on Monday. It was a relief to get this finished after a very long and painful remix that took 17 hours. So far it has not proved to be terribly popular, but I suspected that this might be the case. Terraform was received fairly well, so I can't complain. I started on the remix of Offsets today. That should be much more straightforward.

The drumkit is proving to be much more difficult to get to grips with than I envisaged. I need to keep practising.