July 29, 2012
29/07/2012 Busy Again


I completed the "Not As We Know It remix last week. It took about 18 hours, 3 of which were wasted when EnergyXT crashed during a long EQ session. I had a few technical problems with Pro-53 not receiving MIDI, but I am hopeful that I now have a predictable work-around. I replaced the Kore Player Sky Kit with a C&V SDX kit that I built and the result was pretty good. I had to cancel last week's jam session after a Sunday to forget. Hopefully we can do it next week.

I started work on the Flow remix a couple of days ago, but had to drop it today to re-level Divide And Conquer. I had been a little unhappy with the percussion levels during the build section at the end of the song, so took the opportunity to raise them a little relative to the other parts, and also to cut the levels of all instruments. There was a more pressing reason for this re-levelling which will be revealed later.

July 14, 2012
14/07/2012 Relaxing


I haven't posted for a while. I've been busy with work and other stuff. I completed the remix of Relax a couple of weeks ago. It took about 14 hours, but wasn't especially difficult technically. I had a few sonic problems that took a while to sort out, and made some small changes to the arrangement as well. I'm about to start work on Not As We Know It, but have lost some of the original instruments, notably the Kore Player Sky Kit, so I might consider replacing that with my recently acquired C&V SDX. Last weekend I managed 5 hours on the drums, including a 3-hour jam session with a guitarist and bass player. That was fun.