September 18, 2012
18/09/2012 Quiet(ish)


I made a demo master of BluffMunkey's "Agent Reloaded". It was ok but lacked some clarity on the drums. I need to take a look at my mastering chain sometime. I completed the remix of Flow, which took 15 hours. That turned out quite well. I had a week's holiday on a boat. Last Saturday I had another jam session on the drums. I really enjoyed "The Torture Never Stops" and "Closer". We also played "Ice", "Shadows In The Rain", "Custard Pie" and lots of others. I've actually managed to get a mini drum-roll into my repertoire! On Sunday I completed the additions to Slow Motion Music Productions' "Ze Autobahn". I think that's due for a release at the end of October. I'm going to start on the Yun remix this week.