November 25, 2012
25/11/2012 Busy


A busy week. Started out working on the remix of Itch, but that was temporarily dropped for another project. I decided that MesmerFish needed another remix so I spent 6 hours editing the drums, relevelling, EQing, panning and mastering. I tweaked the drum parts because I was never happy with them. It sounds a lot better now, and is on SoundCloud. I had my Strat repaired. It was nice to be able to play it again after a very long period where I was unable to use it. I also acquired IK Miroslav Philharmonik. Now back to the Itch remix. I should be putting that up next weekend. Next I shall be revisiting Rise And Fall, but that should be a fairly straightforward levelling job.

November 20, 2012
20/11/2012 Picking Up The Pace


Hydra was fairly successful. I think the mixture of different and ostensibly conflicting instruments helped to define this track's character. A successful revisitation of some of the ideas first explored in Felonious Monk. That remix took 16 hours. I installed Orion last week. So far, so good with that. Not as intuitive as EnergyXT, but it has the easiest workflow I have encountered in a DAW other that eXT. I also bought Reaper and intend to persist with it. I have almost completed the remix of Itch. I just need to make some minor tweaks to a few parts and perform absolute levelling. I'll probably wait a couple of weeks before I put this up. I have some other tasks to attend to first, but more of that later.

November 4, 2012
04/11/2012 Laxness


I have been neglecting this blog. At the beginning of October I completed the remix of Yun. That turned out ok with no major surprises and took 11 hours. I managed to squeeze in a few hours drum practice, which has been increasingly difficult to manage lately. I downloaded an evaluation version of Reaper at the beginning of the month. It doesn't appear to be as intuitive as EnergyXT and I haven't had much time to become acquainted with it, but it looks like it is something that I could get used to so I'll probably buy it. I bought a Zoom G7.1ut guitar processor with a heavy discount. It is capable of some versatile sound mangling. It came with a copy of Cubase 6 LE so I had a play with that. Again it is not as intuitive as EnergyXT, but I managed to get it working with the Zoom ASIO driver and record some guitar loops with it, so that's a result. My remixed version of Ze Autobahn was released on October 26 on the "daddys computer music" album from Slow Motion Productions. I have installed the newest version of PPG Wave 2.V at last. Now I can save presets and projects using this synth. I have also installed the full version of Alpha 3. I completed the remix of Hydra last night, and should be able to put it up tonight. Maybe a couple of minor tweaks and some mastering and it's good to go.