December 14, 2012
14/12/2012 Update


I completed the remix of Conflicting Prophecies last Saturday. I relevelled, panned, EQd, added some reverb and mastered with the latest T-RackS chain. It took about 4 hours Last night I completed the remix of The Hatrix. I made some reverb additions, relevelled, EQd, added Ferric TDS to the master bus and mastered with T-RackS. That was about 4 hours work. This weekend I hope to begin the Swollen remix. On Sunday I also have another drum session.  

December 1, 2012
01/12/2012 updates


 I completed the Itch remix a couple of days ago. I think that took about 9 hours. I'll put that up on KVR and SoundCloud tomorrow. I just completed the 2012 remix and remaster of Rise And Fall. That was a fairly simple EQ and levelling job in order to remove some peaking evident on the original master. Much better now. It took about 4 hours altogether. That's already on SoundCloud. Next on the list is Conflicting Prophecies.