January 13, 2013
13/01/2013 Propagation


I just completed the 2013 remix of Waves. It was reasonably straightforward, but took about 5 hours. I tweaked some reverb, EQ, adjusted the filter settings on an SQ8L patch, and added a short burst of Permut8 to another SQ8L patch. I then re-levelled all channels, added FerricTDS to the master bus and re-mastered with T-Racks. I should be back on the Critical Mass remix next week. 

January 6, 2013
06/01/2013 Getting Ahead


I just completed the 2013 remix of Breath. I had anticipated problems with it, but it was relatively straighforward. I added the IK Black 76 limiting amplifier to the bass guitar, added FerricTDS to the master bus, relevelled and remastered. It took about 5 hours. I did have problems with the 2013 remix of Critical Mass. Various instruments kept going out of tune within various different versions of EnergyXT. In the end I had to export the MIDI and reload the VST instruments to the relevant MIDI tracks. I'm not sure that the problem is fully resolved, but it seemed ok yesterday.

January 2, 2013
02/01/2013 Productivity


I installed the EnergyXT2.7 beta last night. I immediately ploughed ahead with the Omen remix and was finished inside 3 hours. I relevelled it, made an LF EQ cut, added FerricTDS to the master bus and mastered with T-Racks. I hope to remix Breath later this week, although I am anticipating a few problems with this. 

January 1, 2013
01/01/2013 Ordeal


I completed the remix of Swollen yesterday. It took about 12 hours and, as expected was quite a difficult process. Lost patches. Tweaking sounds and arrangement. Re-levelled. Added some glitch elements. In the end, it turned out quite well. I managed to squeeze Permut8 in and also used FerricTDS again. I hope to start on the Omen 2013 remix today. That should be relatively straightforward. I got a Zoom H2n for Christmas. That should open up new avenues of exploration.