February 24, 2013
24/02/2013 Update


I completed the latest remix of Mirror last Sunday. I split out the drums to separate tracks, re-instated a missing delay, EQd, relevelled, added FerricTDS to the master bus and mastered in T-Racks. This one took 5 hours. One more track to go and the album should be finished. 

February 16, 2013
16/02/2013 Oversights


Last week I completed the remix of Des Rez. Again, this was a straightforward relevelling job with some updated EQ, the addition of FerricTDS to the master bus and the addition of my latest mastering chain with some tweaks. I hope to start on the Mirror remix later today. I've also updated the Remixes page on the website.

February 9, 2013
09/02/2013 Resumption


I completed the remix of Critical Mass 2 days ago. I managed to work around the detuning problems by not playing mp3s or SoundCloud tracks prior to running EnergyXT, so my MIDI export/inport exploits were probably unnecessary. The remix itself took 33 hours and was not easy, but, in the end, I was able to perform a major reworking of the track and added a new slow, almost ambient section in the middle.

Yesterday I completed the 2013 remix of Wave Goodbye. This was a fairly straightforward relevelling/eq/FerricTDS/mastering jobs and took about 2 hours. I hope to start on the Des Rez remix tomorrow.