March 31, 2013
31/03/2013 Activities


On Thursday I managed to get 90 minutes drum practice in. That was the first time this year that I touched the kit. On Friday I managed another 4 hours with a guitarist friend. We played a lot of Porcupine Tree tracks and also managed A Watermelon In Easter Hay (quite seasonal really). Tonight I'm probably going to put up Wall Of Doubt.

March 28, 2013
28/03/2013 Acceleration


Last week I bought an Arcam Wireless Dac and transmitter. No more running cables from the computer to the main sound system. This will make mastering a lot easier. Some of the tracks I have listened to from the internet this week have greatly benefitted from this device too (even though some of them have been streaming at only 128Kbps). On Sunday I completed the 2013 remix of Wall Of Doubt. No real difficulties encountered here. I cut about 1 minute from the original track, changed the timing of the quiet breakdown in the middle, changed the lead synth line, adjusted one of the bass synth patches, split the kick out to a separate drum track, changed the percussion panning, added reverb to the percussion, eqd, re-levelled, added FerricTDS to the master bus and mastered in T-Racks 3. The whole thing took about 7 hours.

March 20, 2013
20/03/2013 Onward


Over the last few days I have spent a couple of hours making further tweaks to Axis Part 1, notably the HF settings in Shimmer, the EQ on the main drone and I added a SampleMoog Taurus bass to the outro. The track is effectively finished for now, although I might revisit the percussion later. Maybe some news regarding a second release later. I hope to complete Wall Of doubt this weekend. I added Sonik Synth to the armoury a couple of days ago. Looking at DACs now.

March 16, 2013
16/03/2013 Malaise


A few weeks ago, I made a drone in Audacity using Paulstretch on a sawtooth bass synth patch in CM101. I posted it on the Ambient Online website in the hope that somebody would pick it up and do something with it. In the meantime, I did some forther work with it, pitchshifting, filtering, reversing. I put the resulting wav files into EnergyXT, added reverb and delay, added a DominatorCM lead sound, added μtonic, routed aome of it through Permut8 and added another delayed CM101 patch and found that I had a complete track - Axis Part 1. I put that up on Soundcloud/KVR/AO. I had some criticism regarding the HF content, and found a routing problem that affected the EQ application to the original drone that was sent into Shimmer. I have fixed that, and may modify the μtonic percussion and add a bass synth later. This track has taken 6 hours so far. today I found the first collaboration on the AO site today. The thread is located here:-

March 1, 2013
01/03/2013 Relief


Quite a sad day today. Dad's 84th birthday.

I completed the 2013 remix of Divide And Conquer on Sunday. I split out some more drums onto separate tracks, tweaked reverbs, panning, EQ and levelling, added FerricTDS on the master bus and mastered using my latest T-Racks 3 chain. It took about 5 hours and a 3 month remix project is finished. More on this in a week or two. Now I can focus my attention on the original remix project.