April 30, 2013
30/04/2013 Progress On Multiple Fronts


I'm now blogging most days over at AmbientOnline It can be found at What's Shakin' - The Seismic Blog

I've been playing with the new Drumatic 4 Drumsynth, Tyrell N6 V3, LiveMachine, LiveMachine LE, and Venom VB303.  My new DAC has been a lifesaver. I'm able to send audio wirelessly to it from my laptop in addition to the main system. Decade sales have picked up recently. I have a logo for my Bandcamp site and a cover for the Citron EP

April 21, 2013
21/04/2013 Multi-tasking


I completed the remix of Tsim Sha Tsui one week ago. I spent at least half of the remix time on the percussion (and most of that on the snare sound). I added KickLab XXL and microtonic to beef up the percussion, tweaked the original Cubux percussion, added an EnergyXT snare and tweaked that. The rest of the remix was simple panning, EQ, levelling, reverb, and FerricTDS. After that I mastered it in T-Racks3. This took about 9 hours. I am going to build the project file for East Coast Mainline tonight. I also need to start work on my Bandcamp site sometime soon.

April 7, 2013
07/04/2013 Trivia


I signed up to the Pleasurize Music Foundation today. The website seems fairly quiet, but I now have access to the DR metering tools, which will be a good QC of mastering effectiveness. I put a logo on my home page too. My master of layzer's Just Go seems to be well received so far.

April 7, 2013
07/04/2013 Tickover


I just made a master in T-Racks for layzer's track Just Go. This was interesting for me as I haven't really worked with Trance music before, and it was about trying to achieve a certain type of sound. I was fairly happy with the result. Let's see what others think of it. I should also mention that I made a master of Vanishing Point for Fragile Gods at the beginning of February. I think he was quite happy with that. Tomorrow I'm going to have a look at buiding an alternative percussion setup for Tsim Sha Tsui.