June 28, 2013
28/06/2013 Catch-up


I've spent some time playing with the Waldorf rocket and AIR Ignite over the last few weeks. AIR Ignite is a fairly intuitive environment within which music can be quite easily produced, although I fear the lack of VST integration may prove to be an obstacle. However, some of the included instruments are very good. The Rocket has been a source of much interest and entertainment. It is capable of quite a wide range of sounds and will certainly prove to be a great sound source for ambient productions.

I have set up an old laptop as a secondary DAW for recording real instruments etc. I have EnergyXT working through the Pod Studio UX2 and can now record guitar and bass directly into the UX2 and MIDI from my Axiom and TD-4K. Next, I'm going to need a couple of microphones.

I completed the Drown remix yesterday. This was quite tricky, because the main patch used in the original version, which came from Kore Player, is no longer available to me since I replaced my old computer, so I had to replace this with a combination of other instruments. I found a flute patch for Proteus VX, and some of the Kong Audio free Chinese instruments. After adding lots of reverb, I had a workable solution. After lots of work editing velocities and balancing volumes, the EQ and mastering was fairly straightforward.

I also found time to update the firmware on the Rocket to the latest version, purchased Reaktor5 and installed SynthMaster2.6, played my guitar and bass, and setup the remix project file for Tom Re-Armed. 



June 8, 2013
08/06/2013 Slackness


I've been very remiss in not updating this blog, so here goes.Citron sales haven't exactly set the world on fire, but I didn't expect them to. Without any promotion, purchasers will belong to an extremely exclusive club. Thanks very much to S1gnsOfL1fe, Northstar11 and Frantz for their support. 

I purchased Rapture in a discount promo last week, and added some extra banks. This looks like it will prove to be a very useful addition to the arsenal and has already been used on a track (see later).

I added Harmor to my Image Line portfolio last week but haven't had much time to play with it yet. The demos would indicate that this is a very powerful synth indeed. I'm looking forward to playing with this later.

Last Saturday I finally replaced my Oxygen 49 with an Axiom 49. This keyboard feels like a higher quality item than the unit it replaces (and it looks cool too). It should make the process of composing much easier, whenever I get around to it. It's a good fit on my workstation desk too.

I also bought a Waldorf Rocket. This is my first hardware synth for over 30 years. The range of sounds that it is capable of is pretty impressive and I haven't really scratched the surface yet. I need to figure out how to integrate it with my sequencer.

Last Saturday I went to see Los Endos with my son. That was a very enjoyable gig, with a particularly rousing and noteworthy rendition of The Return Of The Giant Hogweed.

Last Monday I completed the 2013 edit/remix/master of Ghosts. I managed to fit Rapture onto the final section. The mix itself was tricky sonically, having to EQ the Pro-53 sync lead patch, and then shape the mastering to keep it clean, but I have been informed that this process was a success.

My next remix will be Drown, but I have problems with the flute-like patch from Kore Player. I'm not sure how I'm going to tackle that yet.