July 21, 2013
21/07/2013 Happenings


Last week I made a 1 minute drone for AmbientOnline. Whilst making it I decided that it needed livening up a little so decided to add some exta elements in a misgiuded attempt  to funkify the piece. I have had a positive reaction to this, so will probably proceed with this later in the year.

A review of my Citron EP appeared on last week. I was quite pleased with it. the review can be found here:- Citron album review 

I just finished the 2013 edit/remix/master of Tom Re-Armed. That was quite tricky. It took me about 12 hours and this piece features more automation than I have attempted previously. I'll probably put this track up in a few days.

I'm just about to create the project files for the 2013 remix of THX-15 

July 8, 2013
08/07/2013 Quiet


Not much to report lately. I started work on the remix of Tom Re-Armed. I have some patch changes to make on here. I also re-levelled Drown (pre-master) today. That's it, apart from the upcoming Citron EP review next week.