August 26, 2013
26/08/2013 Catching Up Again


I completed the demix of Flow for Crimson Sun Audio a couple of weeks ago. That was fairly straightforward. After that I completed the 2013 Edit/Remix/Master of THX-15. I didn't encounter any real problems with that, but managed to have a bit of fun creating a simulated echo for the SampleTank soprano. I put the track up on SoundCloud last Wednesday. After that we went on a short holiday to Devon and The Cotswolds. Upon my return I had a lot of catch-up listening and today I managed to recover the Microtonic parts for Axis Part 1 after a VSTi renaming issue caused parts of the project to become unusable. The next job on the agenda is the 2013 remix of Recant. This is presenting some sound design difficulties.

August 7, 2013
07/08/2013 Undoings/Doings


I just completed a demix of Stand Still I Say for Crimson Sun Audio. Loz is setting up an online mix engineering business, and asked for a couple of tracks to use in his portfolio. I thought it would be interesting to hear my music with a different perspective. Hopefully Flow will also get the treatment.

I am currently working on the 2013 remix of THX-15. I initially thought that this was going to be a difficult process, but things have gone quite well. Hopefully, I can complete this by the weekend.