October 7, 2013
07/10/2013 Stasis/Static


I seem to have sunk into a chronic musical malaise recently. I am having difficulty summoning the enthusiasm for remixing my next track, Recant. I was fully aware that it was going to be a difficult task, but it seems to have wiped me out. I've been hoping that events unrelated to music would help to shake me out of the doldrums, but so far, nothing has helped.  I really need to do something about this. I also need to take care of the "artwork" for the album, but again, enthusiasm is absent. I did receive the remix of Flow, which turned out very well, but I have to rethink my mastering parameters in order to do this any justice. Again, there is is a lack of willingness to get things done. On the bright side, I have managed to evaluate a couple of recent additions to my mastering chain, but have not managed to do anything productive with them yet.