November 23, 2013
23/11/2013 The Leviathan wakes (and about time too)


I had a long period (about 3 months, really) of being unable to summon any energy for the creation of music, or even the polishing of it. I couldn't become enthusiastic about the 2013 remix of Recant, or even about the relatively simple task of mastering the Crimson Sun Audio mix of Flow. It was all quite depressing. I was stuck on the mastering of Flow, because I assumed that I would have to rethink my mastering chain. Of course, this wasn't necessary. I was suffering from some sort of mental block or possibly some kind of self-induced apathy. When I sat down and thought about my mastering chain with respect to Flow, I quickly realised that only one parameter needed to be tweaked, and from that point on, the mastering was really no more difficult that for any other track. I completed the master on 24/10 and even managed to incorporate SDRR on the master bus. It turned out quite well. At about the time I was completing this master, drunity at KVR contacted me about also making a master of the track, so I sent it to him to process and that turned out rather well. On November 3rd, I completed the 2013 edit/remix/master of Recant, but haven't had the opportunity to put the track up yet. I'll probably do that sometime in the next week. Last night I was messing about in the DAW with some percussion tracks and actually managed to come up with the basis for a new track. I'll probably sit on it for a few months before taking it any further, but it was quite exciting. It's probably one of the strongest pices I've wrtten so far. So, things are moving again.