February 7, 2014
07/02/2014 Slacking - or possibly not


I have been quite busy since my last blog entry, although you wouldn't necessarily know that. I updated a bunch of plugins and installed a few others, specifically to help with my mixing. I aim to delve into the world of compressors in the near future, although my goal in this endeavour is not loudness, only understanding. I've heard some pretty lame justifications for loudness recently. It's probably just as well that the loudness wars have now been declared to be over. I had a fairly quiet Christmas and New Year this year, managing to wake up without a hangover on New Year's Day for the first time in living memory.

Just before New Year I completed the 2013 remix of Froth. I managed to fatten up the sound a little by adding an extra bassline during the climax (no surprises there). On New Year's Eve I bought Phonec and Construct. After playing around with them for about an hour it became apparent that they will  get some serious use in the future. Just before New Year I started work on the remix of Cape Different. There was not a lot of work required on here. I did some cymbal reversal and the usual mixing/mastering business, and the whole thing was complete by January 3, just in time for inclusion on the ambient online podcast #23. On January 4 I started work on the 2014 remix of Hot Hog Infusion, but in truth have not got very far with it. I did encounter another "missing patch" problem but have been able to resolve that quite satisfactorily. Just as it looked like I was about to make big strides with this remix, another project presented itself to me.

That project was a new track, Absent, which sits quite nicely within the ambient electronic domain. A request came through for a track for the AO compilation volume2, so I started trawling through my hard drive looking for suitable jumping-off points and found a sketch I made in 2012 which presented a suitable basis for expansion. Six hours of work and I had a mastered track ready to go. My first new complete track since Axis Part 1 in March 2013. I was flabbergasted.

Last week I had a PM asking for permission to use Froth in a radio show warm-up mix. I received another master of Flow from Loz at Crimson Sun Audio, which sounds better than mine. Then I completed the artwork for the album, Occultation, which I finally managed to release yesterday. I have played the entire album through 3 or 4 times in the last couple of days, and the overall feeling is one of relaxed energy, although Divide and Conquer, and to a lesser extent, Des Rez are more energetic than the average on here.