April 1, 2014
01/04/2014 The End of an Era


After another alarming gap between updates, I'm back. So what's been going on here. As expected, the album hasn't set the world on fire, but I'm happy with it. I played it through from start to finish a couple of times, and I like the track ordering, and the pacing. It sounds quite good, but it ought to. I spent enough time on it. I currently have no plans to make another one. I'm "remixed-out" at the moment after a 33-month effort that has finally been completed. Mind you, any future release should require a much smaller effort in the remix/master department as my more recent tracks are already close to sounding the way I would expect them to. One track I do fancy remixing is Felonious Monk. I like the oriental feel of it and I think I could make that one sound much better with 8 hours work, but not right now. Other fish need frying.

I put up the 2014 remix of Cape Different on SoundCloud in February. This was a track that I felt quite ambivalent towards back in December 2010, but almost 3 years away from it gave me a different perspective, and I quite like it now. The remix was quite straightforward, consisting of the usual sonic shaping and a few cosmetic tweaks.

I had an old Lenovo laptop with 2Gb memory running WinXP32. I decided to upgrade the RAM to 3Gb, update the OS to Win7/64 and try using the machine as an audio recorder. My plan is to buy a Focusrite 2i2 (which should also work with the tablet). I have already tested recording on here through the UX2 and it works very well. A few weeks ago I managed to play my drumkit for an hour or so. I just can't seem to find the time to do everything that I want to do these days.

Last month I put Absent up on SoundCloud. This differs from the version on the AO compilation only in the mastering. Yesterday I completed the 2014 remix of Hot Hog Infusion. I had a few sound design issues to grapple with and  that marks the end of the remix project which has taken up 33 months. So - my record is 61 tracks completed in 63 months, plus a few other projects on the side. Not too bad for a part-timer I suppose. It's time for some new music.