August 10, 2014
10/08/2014 A (Relative) Return to Producivity


After returning from the Ambient Music Conference at the end of June, my priority was to complete work on the Acid/House piece that I began before departing for Finland. So much for plans. I haven't lost any enthusiasm for the project, but other things came up which demanded my full attention. I had made a little progress with the acid piece, but one night, I decided to play with my recently acquired Audio Damage plugins, and, out of nowhere a very dark motif (which later became Altar) emerged. I was quite excited about the new piece, so I decided to put the acid track on the back-burner and press ahead with the new one, the music for which was completed very quickly. I think it was two or three fairly short evening's work. I completed the mixing and mastering within a week (it was less than 24 hours' work in total).

This got me quote excited. I had completed two new pieces within three weeks, which was something that hadn't occurred for almost 30 months. Productivity had returned. I was just about to return to the acid piece when the call came for submissions to the AO Compilation Volume 3. I thought to myself "no problem, I have 5 weeks to complete this", but instead of the acid piece, I began work on Beacons the next day.

Beacons was an interesting piece. I decided to keep it relatively simple. It features DominatorCM (6 instances, using the default factory patch, with a slow attack setting) as the primary sound source. All instances are playing relatively short notes offset by irregular inter-instance timing, but heavily smeared with Eos. The two most melodically active instances are also routed through a non-reverbed Replicant to give the piece a slight rhythmic component. Just for good measure, later in the piece, I added a couple of 'trons. I was toying with the idea of putting some guitar on here, but I haven't yet figured out how to obtain the exact sound I need. This piece was very quick to put together. The music was complete within 4 or 5 hours. The initial mix was fairly quick too, but I later realised I wasn't happy with it, so I remixed it again a couple of days ago, doing some more work on the relative levelling and tightening up the EQ. Probably 12 hours' work went into this piece. I'm quite happy with this recent increase in productivity, although it has necessitated some changes in my workflow, with many aspects of the mixing process now incorporated into the writing phase. That's probably a good thing, but it can be difficult to prioritise the different parts of the process when creativity strikes. I completed the "artwork" for Beacons last week. All that remains is to write some sort of "blurb", but the guts of the technical notes are already here.

Back to the acid - I hope.