September 12, 2014
12/09/2014 The Calm Before the Calm


Not very much to report in the month since my last blog. I managed to complete some suitably terse blurb for Beacons (my track on the AO compilation volume 3 album). I'm really looking forward to this release. I've now heard 2 tracks from the album, and they certainly manage to whet the appetite for what promises to be an astounding collection of tracks from a productive, and inventive ambient community whose common link is the website here at AmbientOnline, an ambient oasis on the Internet. 

By my reckoning you people have 6 days to listen to the AO compilation before the new Fripp & Eno album drops on September 15th. Wow, what a week that will be.

I have made a little progress with my Acid/House track, but I haven't had very much time for making music this month, with lots of work and personal commitments to satisfy, but I haven't given up on it. I have about 2 minutes of music written, and know that once I get some free time and sit down with this piece, I should finish the music within a day.

This month I've been catching up listening to various music that I bought over the last 2-3 years. There were some albums which I bought in 2012 and 2013, that I listened to once or twice and forgot about. I went back and revisited them, ripped some tracks to my Zune, and filed the albums in the proper place. I still have about 25 albums more to (re)visit, hopefully by the end of this year.

I have been slowly accumulating different performances of Stravinsky's Firebird and the Rite of Spring. The Firebird has long been my favourite piece of orchestral music, containing so much emotion, darkness, energy and passion, but recently I have been also getting into The Rite of Spring although I can't really figure out why it took me so long. It's really very good indeed.

New gear this month - NuGen Audio Stereoizer3 and Izotope Stutter Edit. The Stereoizer is wonderful. It has mastering and mixing settings and is capable of creating some spectacular movement, although I suspect discretion will be the better part of valour with this plugin. I have just remastered my copy of Beacons, using Stereoizer3 on the master bus and the effect is certainly noticeable but pleasant. I'll put this version up on SoundCloud to coincide with the release of the AO compilation next week. I also picked up a copy of Izotope Stutter Edit. This plugin is amazing and is capable of some very extreme FSU effects, but is highly tweakable and is also able to produce some more subtle melodic and harmonic embellishments. I'm hoping to put this to some serious use on an ambient piece in the next few months, and also have plans for some acid glitching in the more immediate future.

I released an EP in May 2013, and an album in Feb 2014. The remixing involved with these, combined with the 56 track remix project I completed a few months ago persuaded me that I never wanted to make another album. I was "remixed out". The intervening 5 months has had a therapeutic effect, and that, combined with some encouragement from one of the KVR members has changed my opinion on the matter. I currently have no idea what form this album will take. The likelihood is that I will remix 9 or 10 tracks if I can find the right combination. I am certainly tempted to revisit Felonious Monk.