May 17, 2015
05/17/2015 Tickover


Only 2 months since my last blog entry, so that's an improvement. My listening backlog still stands at 16 months. I need to take a break from buying albums if I am to get this down to a reasobale backlog. My local music sstore recently closed down, so hopefully, that will make my task easier. It doesn't feel like I have accomplished much, musically, in the last couple of months, but that is not quite true.

In March I completed a track for the excellent Ambient Online Compilation Volume 4. This was a fairly minimal piece featuring only 3 instument tracks and some reverb. I used this track as a development vehicle for my ambient mastering chain, which I hope to have stabilised by the time my next-but-one album is released, hopefully in 2016. I'm getting closer to a solution. Now I need to see what can be done in terms of EQ standardisation within my mixes. I fear that this will be a much more difficult and possibly insurmountable problem with my current setup.

At the beginning of March I completed the 2015 remix of Field of Dreams. This wasn't a particularly difficult remix. The main aim here was to replace the original reverb processors and tweak the EQ. I added Satin and my latest mastering chain.

In March and April I supplied an article for the excellent website. This article was a review of my favourite 5 King Crimson albums and involved a lot of listening, writing, listening and rewriting. When that was complete, I rewrote it again. The article can be found here 

In April I was busy with the Hobgoblin tracks from 1980. I took the audio from my stereo cassette deck and applied hiss-reduction in Goldwave, tweaked the panning and removed a little of the low-end, to reduce the bass volume slightly. In the last week I have been playing with a quad-band compressor on here and I think I have managed to achieve a decent result using a mix-channel patch for vocals. I'll see what people think about this.

Yesterday I completed the 2015 remix of Terraform. This was a little more involved than the Field of Dreams remix. This remix involved changing a few chords, minor tweaks to some of the percussion, and making some adjustments to the Wave2.V patches. Next I switched out all of the reverbs for newer acquisitions, although I decided to leave Freeverb3 on the SD2 kit because I loved its sound. I have tweaked all of the channel EQ settings, made a few minor panning adjustments, releveled and added Satin to the master. This came out of eXT with with a -10dB peak on the master, which was exactly what I was aiming for. I processed it using my "goto" mastering chain in T-Racks, The resulting master is a little "quieter" than the earlier version, but the DR figure has increased significantly. This is the fourth version of Terraform, and I hope that will be an end to it. I'll probably replace the earlier version next week, when I've had more time to get used to this one. By my reckoning the album is now just over halfway completed.

I'll probably make the project file for my next remix - Offsets, later tonight. This is one of my favourite tracks, but I seem to remember that the last remix was quite difficult due to some stability problems with one of the VSTis. We'll see how that goes, but I am expecting problems.

A new musical project has appeared on the horizon. I currently have no idea how it will pan out, or what it will involve, but I'm looking forward to a new challenge.

This week I plan to purchase Echobode. I'm hoping that this will be my last delay purchase - it should be, I certainly have enough of them.