Decade EP released on Bandcamp 28/02 - 4 tracks:- Decade, Fruit No Object, Tronix, Change Of Heart. The style is predominantly ambient, with some beats present on the first 2 tracks. I would suggest that some Tangerine Dream and Robert Fripp influence may be detected on here.


Decade EP now also available on Amazon, iTunes, Kudosrecords, Boomkat, Emusic, Junodownload, 7Digital and others.


Citron EP released on Bandcamp 20/05 - 4 tracks:- Mesmer Fish, Citron, Rise and Fall, Conflicting Prophecies. More upbeat than the Decade EP. The first two tracks are part of my occasional TranceFusion series, Rise and Fall is probably a nod towards '80s TD and Conflicting Prophecies contains Acid and Hip-Hop elements along with an old-fashioned Prog synth solo.


Citron EP reviewed on - the review can be found here


I've just noticed that the Decade EP is available on beatport


Occultation released on Bandcamp 06/02 - 8 tracks:- Breath, Waves, The Hatrix, Omen, Wave Goodbye, Des Rez, Mirror, Divide and Conquer. More variation between the tracks, incorporating various styles.


Occultation reviewed by - the review can be found here


Citron EP now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal and Deezer


Indefinite Articles released on Bandcamp 17/07 - 9 tracks:- Cascade - Felonious Monk - Indian Summer - Stand Still, I Say - Field of Dreams - Relax - Offsets - Terraform - Not As We Know It. More upbeat electronica, featuring some TranceFusion and ProgRock elements.


Faders released on Bandcamp 19/02 - 4 tracks:- Elysian Fields, The Crossing, Et in Arcadia ego, The Entropy Clause. My first "ambient" album, featuring some dark moments.


Occultation now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, MediaNet, Amazon, Napster and iHeartRadio


Undercurrents released on Bandcamp 02/02 - 8 tracks:- Yun, Swollen, Critical Mass, Hydra, Itch, Tsim Sha Tsui, Flow, Wall of Doubt. Mainly upbeat electronica, with moodier elements creeping in.